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hanging out with audiophiles

Feb 17, 2019

Greetings from the adobe! Yeah we made it (finally) to Santa Fe :)

The sky looks more impressive here. It’s really a breathtaking place.

Anyway .. I digress. What’s in the Show???

My guest today is the wonderful Leo Ross. 

A lovely chap I met at a BBQ in LA hosted by Si Bonobo and his girlfriend last year. 

Leo’s a mellow badass.

A sonic raven.

One of those low key players that’s really found a great way to carve out a rich musical life as a composer, sound designer, guitarist and dreamer.

He’s worked with loads of ace folk including the incredible Grace Jones, Bad Religion, Korn and also a lot with his super talented brother, Atticus Ross.

He picked up a BMI film music award for his work on “Book of Eli”

I was fascinated to hear about his path from the late 90s to now. We chatted in December 2018 hence talk of the “minimal tree”

Verrrry happy to have the raven on the pod.

Music for EP38 comes from my old friend Dana wachs.

We worked together way back in the mid 2000s and since then she’s mixed live sound for Cat Power, Jon Hopkins and a huge list of amazing folks. 

Now she’s making her own music as "Vorhees" ! 

Check it in the show and support her here : 

Today’s nitty is a hefty nod to something I came across recently whilst watching an interview with Emile Haynie.

Check this vid to get you closer to the show in question (in order to watch the ACTUAL thing you need to be a member of mix with the masters.. money well spent I’d say!)

It’s all about the OCTAVE.


Thanks to Malekko Heavy Industry for their sponsorship! They make awesome pedals and particularly potent eurorack gear.

I heard about them thanks to Boys Noize and now I’m fully ensnared in their modular web of potential :)

Thanks guys. Welcome to 38