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hanging out with audiophiles

Jan 21, 2019

I’m very happy to say I’ve got Paul Webb aka Rustin man on the show!

Paul will be known by many as the the bass player in legendary 80s band Talk Talk.

I will admit to my shame that I was unaware of Paul’s work as Rustin Man and even largely the work of Talk Talk.

I know. I know! 

I AM shamed. BUT I am feeling mighty chuffed to have the window of learning open wide. I now feel I can plunge into the deeps with a direct blessing from Mr Webb!

Not only was Paul the bass end of the mighty T.T. but he has released the superb Out Of Season, a collaboration with Beth Gibbons of Portishead as Rustin Man. That happened in 2002.

He produced a record by James Yorkston in 2006 called “the year of the leopard” which is a gorgeous listen. Also he produced an LP with Dez Mona in 2009.

A little timeline for ya.


He latest record is due Feb 1st 2019 on Domino records. It’s called “Drift Code” and it’s a  I can assure you, it’s a corker!

A generous, expansive, deep, detailed work. Something very rare in these disposable days I’d say.

The passage of time, the living space full of art, treasured objects and junk, the years spent listening to film music and ‘40s standards are all audible. 

But there’s a surprising spontaneity to it too. 

Webb’s former Talk Talk and O’rang colleague, the great Lee Harris is on drums. Another point of shame for me as I ask Paul “who’s that drummer?” Lol



We chat over the phone about the process, the magic and curry :)


In the nitty I sritch n scratch contact mics on string and skin. Even drop one in the sink. 

All thanks to the inventive mind of Crank Sturgeon! 

I got one of his clip on contact mics and another that can drink (the English edition) 

Incidental music for the 36 comes courtesy of Steven ward

Go and check his activity here!