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hanging out with audiophiles

Apr 23, 2023

Tycho is Scott Hansen and

Scott is a deeply friendly and humble chap.

I didnt know too much about his background or what made him tick but I tried to get to “know” him and makes some guesses about that by tuning into his music.

It’s clearly so well crafted and put together with meticulous attention to detail that this man had to be fastidious but how would that quality manifest?

He manages to ride us on a carpet of textures which guide the process of musical flight, once a mood is found, it’s held with patience so the listen can dwell in a land. It’s a style that has been really honed and has found a large following for good reason!

It was a real treat to get on the ramble road with him. I left the interview unedited for maximum deviation potential (you’re welcome)


This episode is sponsored by A tasty pixel and their excellent


As many of you are aware, I’ve spent years of my life with loopers of all kinds from the crudest guitar pedals to my own Max/MSP effort in 2000 to Tim Exile’s wonderful “flow machine”

Making a looper setup that fits your style is everything and to do that, a tool that is very flexible and open to configuration is needed. I’m happy to report that this is perfected inside loopy pro. I’m also happy to say that It’s one of the best loopers I’ve ever used and has become the heart of beardymans new setup so you know it’s capable.

Needless to say Im really happy to be working with A tasty pixel.


I made a new video to highlight a specific use of Loopy Pro that came to me one evening.

There’s plenty of excellent tutorial videos to get started online so I wanted to show something a little unique.

I took 4 instances of the Chamberlin M1 samplepack I made (which is now available at!)

fed each to an array of 4 speakers around a Neumann head for some quadra funky tape loopidelic delightfulness.

Yes, it’s A little nitty basically :)