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hanging out with audiophiles

Mar 7, 2023

Carl Craig worked with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson back in the day

I mean that could be all the intro you need to hear to know how heavy he is!

Wait til you find out about the HANGS they had in Detroit. They were cooking up a sound of techno that has never been surpassed in my opinion.

Mr Craig has really never stopped. It’s pretty mind blowing to me

He’s already left behind a superb and ultra varied stack of music that springs from an insatiable hunger for the new. I mean the sheer number of aliases he has is hard to keep up with!

Not content with just putting out bangers, he’s been expanding his experience to fill a museum and the process is truly epic. We get into what went into his work called Party/After Party which was commissioned by Dia Art Foundation and is opening soon at Moca LA.

and is on view APR 16 – JULY 23, 2023. Here’s a link!

Increasingly on this show, I’ve been trying to stay away from too much gear talk coz it’s really not that interesting often quite frankly BUT in this case I felt like we needed to get somethings cleared up. At least I was really curious about what made it on to those early Detroit cuts. Some of the findings are shocking, in a great way and ought to be inspiring to anyone who feels they need all manner of fancy machines to rock the house. Carl is living proof that you just need to get it all out with whatever you have in front of you but also it illustrates to me the importance of a crew and a little friendly competition. That can really up your game.

The thing I take away from this chat is just the searching. The fascination and passion to keep making. It’s super inspiring to me and I hope it spurs you all on to dig in and make noise!

In other news, Im off to superbooth!

Let me know if you’re going :)

boring news,,, I've been sick

good news, new studio looking good

next show will have a nitty.