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hanging out with audiophiles

Dec 24, 2022

Merry Chrimble y’all!

Here’s a sonic present for your ears to unwrap. 

It’s in the form of a nice fireside ramble with the excellent Stephen James Wilkinson aka Bibio. 

He’s a wonderful and thoughtful chap with a very unique touch and a searching soul. 

I love his musical range, his tones, his playing. YES

He’s rather good!

Im assuming you all know his stuff? If not you fools! 

You must immediately have a listen 

As in go here NOW!


It’s super ooper dooper inspiring stuff and I was mighty chuffed when he agreed to come on the pod.

Our paths never crossed as label mates on warp records which is a shame. God knows why. 

A couple of shy dudes making waves in different countries might have had something to do with it!


Anyway we are finally in a chat and even talking about working on something together which sounds good to me. 

Watch this space.


He’s a wise lad so of course he has a nagra. A stereo nagra in fact. 

In fact it was this conversation that really made me want to find one of my own which thankfully I did.

He’s the one guest that actually recorded a backup to the tape machine. Proper legend


Roll it



Thanks for tuning in folks!

It’s been another bonkers year and having this show has been a huge part of keeping me going.

Cheers to all the wonderful patrons for helping me keep this dream alive

Thanks to distrokid for their continued support as the most epic and long running sponsor of the pod. 

If you make music and need it putting out, just use distrokid! It’ll be everywhere like Santa before you know it 

Dropping that sonic magic down the chimneys of the world.


Thanks to Bibio

And I’ll catch you in 2023!


Make merry y’all