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hanging out with audiophiles

Dec 13, 2022

Such a treat to chat with Jeremy aka Red Means Recording. Now you must know who he is right? If not well you're in for a treat. He's an amazing creative soul and funky chap that makes excellent music, teaches and creates exceptional YouTube videos that go deep into the synth and electronic musical world. Highly recommended viewing. He's just great.

Link to his YouTube here


Yes, I realize this has been a lonnnnng time coming.

What's been up?

The studio build is now hitting a new level of intensity and my Mum just left after a long visit and things have been a tad upside down so Im off my funk but here we are!



Please go and grab this new release from friend of the pod Marta Salongi and Floating points.

It's a fund raiser for the charity Free Youth Orchestra which focuses on removing financial barriers between children and access to musical equipment and lessons

so cool.

the music is here to buy and thus support

looking for something to fill the digital stocking?

I can recommend this max for live device from the wonderful friend of the pod Ned Rush. It's called MIDI WAVES and it's ace and not expensive. grab here

Jim Keller has been helping me design the new studio. Great to work with him. So much knowledge! Check his beautiful work here

Thanks for Diana Walsch for pod support. Find her here


IG: @dmwalshmusic