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hanging out with audiophiles

Nov 9, 2022


Jamie again.

I caught up with this busy Fred on his current US tour. 

He’s been busy you ask? 

Oh yes. I mean so so busy. 

For one thing he’s penned massive pop numbers with Ed Sheeran, Stormy and other huge acts

Did you know that? 

I mean BIG BIG songs. 

And YET his mentor and good friend is none other than 

Brian Eno!


Wait.. what? Ah yes, all shall be revealed.

See the thing about Fred is he will write a huge song for an act like Clean Bandit in the afternoon, then be on the phone to fourtet for arrangement advice on his solo work by dinner time. 

He can write on the road, he can write in the club. He’s prolific as they come this man!


Fred has been doing so well and it was great to get this chance to chat with him 

What an exceedingly positive and fun chap he is. So much talent and a very good outlook

Lots of nuggets in this chat. Obv we get into the Eno connection and the come up and 

Fred reveals some massive beat making secrets he learned directly from Boi-1da. 

I get some advice mid show too which I think might be a first :)

We are here in part to discuss his ace new LP “Actual Life 3” which you can find in the usual streaming zones.


It’s a real pleasure to welcome on to the Show for the first time Fred….. Again



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