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hanging out with audiophiles

Sep 23, 2022

TEED has an excellent new LP out now called “When the Lights Go”

available on his Nice Age label. Check it ooot!

HERE is Link to the album, tour info and loads of ace merch!

If you didnt already get the

Chamberlin ADT sample instrument I made here

4.64 Gb sample instrument of the instrument used by Bowie on Low!

ahhh yes…let’s get on with the show…..

It’s high time I chatted with this chap. We’ve hung out at multiple LA gatherings over beers and somehow never ended up in a suitable setting for a good chin wag. This has now been completely set right in what is a true alpine ramble twixt myself and the excellent TEED.

We pass many a scenic wonder on our winding adventures. Touching on:

the LA twilight zone

Honesty and ambition

Being cool

TEED history

Unknown music!

The making of the new tones

Equal love of jungle and Bach

It’s just my kind of hang. Hope you enjoy it!

Music comes from Andrew Huang !

he made his track exclusively with the Chamberlin ADT sample instrument I made from over 3000 samples of the VERY rare Chamberlin M1 all running to 2 Nagra tape machines simultaneously with a varispeed on only one deck to create phase and ADT effects PER note. EPIC! get it now!

Ep101 ! YES

It’s a shortee this time. I’m trying for a half bi so I can keep up with the DELUGE of interviews I’m been doing of late. Such good people, I want to hurry them out.

art lovers !

Please check out my wife’s first solo paining show here

it’s called STIM. I’ve been present for all the making of these and I’m so proud of her.

It’s huge news for our family and I think so many of you will love the style and also the story behind the work as we discover about out autism. More on this soon 🙂

Thanks to Distrokid for the kind sponsorship :)

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