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hanging out with audiophiles

Dec 24, 2018


Yhep we made it to the end of year special

Seasons greats from me to you!

Couldn’t be spending this episode with a better round up companion.

At long last I get to introduce you to the show’s spiritual advisor Mr Jake Aron!

We’ve toured the world together. From tiny 100 seaters to opening for Prince ...

We’ve mixed a bunch of my records (Compass, Jamie Lidell and Building a beginning) 

We’ve grown in the game side by side and it’s been amazing to watch him rocking with a badass studio in Brooklyn and loads of sweet production and mixing under his belt.

Like for example the rather fantastic and highly acclaimed 2018 Snail Mail record

We chat about the present and the great come up

Ah yeah welcome to HOWA the hilarious and humble Mr Aron.

Stay tuned :)


Nitty wise I get into a noisy bath with the Koma electronics field kit. Motors on guitars, Heart beats down a wire, rhythmic radio rambles.. it’s my kind of box

Speaking of boxes I hope you get a couple of good gifts for the Crimble!

I raise my cup to ya for the holiday rush

Dreaming of a white noise Christmas 

Til the big n n n n 19