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hanging out with audiophiles

Aug 20, 2018

Hello and welcome an American hero. Larry Crane! The man deserves a standing ovation. Just imagine interviewing peoples for 22 years. Giving a platform to the unsung experts that make all this amazing art alongside fascinating portraits of the household names. Larry has been producing one the most beloved audio publications around. TapeOp! Wiki tells me that the first issues were published by photocopying, hand-stapling and spray painting the covers. Look how far it's come! Larry came by the house and interviewed me for the tapeop podcast and mag (major honour) After our chat we let the tapes continue to roll and I had a good ole fashioned ramble with the man. He's got anecdotes for years. 22 years. It's surreal doing this show. I feel mighty lucky to get to hang with such distinguished folk. Thank you Larry! Thank you also to Audeze for their sponsorship of todays show. Damn those LCD headphones are rather amazing. Even if you have a decent room with treatment these headphones can reveal hidden details. The transient response alone is hard to match in speaker land. I love tech that is new AND incredible. These headphones might allow you to leave the conventional studio behind. Yep! in a Biweek dudes.