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hanging out with audiophiles

Aug 6, 2018

It's about time I had him on the pod! He's the man that came along and blew the bloody doors off for me around 2003-2004. We wrote and produced my album Multiply together and then went on to do Jim in much the same way. Nothing would be the same for me. He showed me the 2,5,1 the cycle of 4s. The minor 9... all that jazz. He was always the guy that would have a crew of musicians over and jamming at his place in Berlin. Music is communication and community with him. Something I miss a lot about those days. Just jumping on an instrument and playing for hours. It's good for the soul. He always evolves his craft. These days making more magical sounds than ever. Check his solo work for the range of humanity. From the light and playful to heavy and woeful he uses music to talk. This time we used words. Great to have ya man Welcome my friend MOCKY ! I get into a topic the two of us discussed back in the day. Sampling at high sample rates. What are the advantages when making sampled instruments? Turns out they are pretty significant. Hello! Almost a year of the show. Thanks to all for listening :)