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hanging out with audiophiles

Jul 23, 2018

Francisca Valenzuela and her partner Vicente Sanfuentes are a superb example of how couples can turn their deep connection into great art. The alchemy of love! OH yes!!! They have both been making big waves. Francisca Valenzuela for example has had Gold and Platinum records. No big deal. She remains extremely down to earth but make no mistake, she's a huge star in the latin music community and remains very committed to expanding awareness of women in the scene. Her festival Ruidosa is so important. It's an all female series of events that not only highlights a host of incredible music but also brings together speakers and topics that have long been neglected, relating to women working in music and art in the Latin world. Vicente ? Oh yes, he's a force. He's got such a positive outlook on life and art and it's contagious! I love hearing his perspectives on making music and his ability to grow and evolve his craft is mighty inspiring. I love these guys! Hope you all enjoy our chat. Nitty gritty is all about making randomness work toward intrigue and (hopefully)beauty :) Dice are nice! Hello!