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hanging out with audiophiles

Apr 16, 2018

My chat with Ruban Nielson aka Unknown Mortal Orchestra :) What a top chap. He took precious time before tour to muse and ramble with me on the methods behind his wonderful madness. Super creative, super inventive Ruban is the real deal. Really chuffed to have him on the show. I'm a fan of his music and productions! His new album "sex and food" is out NOW on al the good platforms. Grab a physical copy I'd say :) Support for the show comes from fjord fuzz. A quality maker of brutal fuzz and exciting boxes to explode and erode signals in all those ways we love. check em here!! nitty gritty this show sees me testing the power of a $30 mic on drums. what can be done? I mean really WHAT can be DONE!!! cheers !