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hanging out with audiophiles

Apr 2, 2018

I made a new friend on my latest trip to LA. This gent has already made some seriously badass records. Nick Hakim, Big Thief, Show me the Body and more! Not bad for 29. Not at ALL bad :) Just goes to show what good ears and a good mind can do. We talk of his less is more mix setup which make Andrew a real shining example of the new school to me. This interview was conducted in a friends apparent in downtown LA (thanks Silvia!) You hear a weird dog at one point. Not in pain, just sounding off about the canine situation no doubt. Nitty gritty this episode is a gated affair. MULTI gates! It's new to me. I just thought of it and tried it for this show. It's a bit of a time consuming process but it YIELDS! gate the evil y'all expand the gold :)