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hanging out with audiophiles

Mar 19, 2018

HI Guys This is a special one for me. Roger and his whole family have really made our time in Nashville something magical. As you'll hear, he's a warm and deeply knowledgable chap with SO many incredible stories from his journeys in the madcap world of music. From his raw garage band days, to the heady rushe of a major MAJOR studio job in New York in the 80s, to the trips around the world as a heavily in demand freelancer and now to his superb Nashville studio he's seen it all. Grab a quality beverage and sip down some of his wisdom. Having worked with everyone from Lou Reed to Grandmaster Flash. Yo la tengo to Pat Carney of the Black keys he never stops and we're talking about 1000s and 1000s of sessions at the controls. Such a wonderful person, a great Dad and Husband to our good friend Barbara (who you'll discover has exceptional ears and taste!) We are friends with the whole family coz they are all just ace. Hi Marshall! Hi Malcolm! YES!! It's a real privilege to call Roger a friend :) Meanwhile in techy bits I get my feet wet in the heady world of MIDI files. Take and remake for 2018! The bad thing about MIDI is it's pretty old and clunky.. the good thing is it's old and full of the fruits of people's hard toil. The amazing resource that is has changed it all for me. Grab some MIDI and mash it up! Made with love from Nashville Hello!