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hanging out with audiophiles

Mar 5, 2018

A Deep and Tech heavy dive into the Knowledge pool that is Darrell Thorp! He's a multi grammy kind of dude and yet there's no pretense. He has worked with some of the best in the biz like Radiohead, Paul McCartney, Beck, Outkast and more! yep. Mad audiophilatiousness hangs. We chat about his time with Dr Dre and all the red lights on the board. The good the bad n zee ugly in gear and signal. Foo fighters and a great deal more! I also nitty the gritty out of the Altec 9067b filter. The fabled King Tubby filter is now my grubbies and I throw some bits into it to hear how it sounds. ALSO I made a couple of patches for you ableton live users to check so you can get a taste of the altec in the digital domain! follow the read me and you should be golden! I posted a quick vid of it on the hangingoutwithaudiophiles instagram to show it in action :) Cheers friends Jamie