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hanging out with audiophiles

Nov 11, 2019

The noise annoys 
Where would we be without John Peel ?
In a time of noise we need selectors!
Yeah man. 
We can all agree on something right?
I chat with DJ
Label boss
Cyber punker
Future surfer 
Matt Black
He’s seen a lot. A LOT
From making hit records in the UK (One that sat at the number 1 spot for weeks), to
remixing Legends like Eric B and Rakim, INXS, Steve Reich, The Fall and James Brown (I mean what a list!)... from
mulitmedia pioneering with everything from video art to software video performance instruments to the unknown sky.
Matt has had his fingers in many a tasty pie. 
I was very lucky to catch up with him on the blower for a minute :) 
we chat about the zen delay which is a great collaboration between ninja tune and Ericasynths. Check this link!
Nitty today is all about the mysterious and musical world of the morph. Exploring the space in BETWEEN. I use a few methods to explore this.
the obxa's portamento, the emblematic systems "catalyst" which is a eurorack module for crossfading between stored states (in this notes)
and lastly I use Ableton with midi faders to achieve similar results. I needed to make a max patch for this which is here: enjoy ! it has a help button :)
Music for today's show comes from 2 fine artists !
1) 2 songs from Envelope music. These come from an album called "The Rift" which is a debut collaborative work by West Australian composers Ned Beckley and Josh Hogan. find the album here:
2) 2 track by Adam Jay, a experienced techno chap! he's done a lot of banging shit!