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hanging out with audiophiles

Sep 3, 2018

Hello I'm chuffed! Why?? This episode marks one year in the land of pod! Hard to fathom but tis true. I wanted to thank everyone for listening and for all your stupendous feedback. It's highly motivating to know you're out there enjoying the show and I'll keep em coming! biweekly massive. Today's guest is a serious heavyweight with a far reaching understanding of the facets of the music world and a considered and egoless manner to boot. Perhaps it's the Scandinavian in him? Let me put it this way, he's not the kind of alpha that struts in the room fanning his accolades. He remains open and curious. Something to strive for! We had a tip top time making music for a day and I was very unhappy I'd not managed to sit him down for a chat after. He was kind enough to come back to sit in the hot chair. He got a car to the house with his bags on the way to airport. Mightily generous and definitely above and beyond considering his workload in Nashville and the long-haul that was imminent. Martin's list of accolades is long. A 2 time grammy winning producer . A potent writer across genres. An owner of multiple studios in London and New York. A developer of artists. He's worked with Jason Mraz, Train, Cat Stevens (Yusuf), Jamie Cullum, James Morrison, and KT Tunstall, with many more. Welcome some wisdom to the pod! Today's nitty is all about DI guitar fuzz. I run multiple preamps into one another, introduced some curves and let it burn. Somethings got to represent the candle on this pod cake! Thanks for making with me to my first birthday J