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hanging out with audiophiles

Aug 17, 2023


After a hefty and well needed break I’m back

The pod returns :)

I trust y'all are hanging in.

I hope in fact you’re more than just hanging in.

I hope you are diving in and thriving and embracing the endless realm of possibility that presents itself to you.

Don’t worry, I’ll not linger on the guru talk. Just stating the obvious !

As you can see from the show title I got to finally chat with the brilliant Benn Jordan.

We met at NAMM a couple of years back (I’ve had some great hangs at NAMM I must say)

He’s a smart, witty man with endless curiosity and it’s really fun to explore all manner of mind realms with him.

We can TALK! Oh how we can talk. This conversation was at least 3 hours long and it’s been cut down a fair bit but there’s no end of tangents and insights into

The mighty Benn. I think those of you who are familiar with his excellent YouTube material will enjoy hearing an extended ramble portal into his many ways.

It’s great to be back

This show has 2 excellent sponsors

1st off I’m super happy to get to work with my pals at Soundtoys for a few shows.

They agreed to come on board and I couldn’t be happier. Just love them and their excellent plugins.

Top shelf stuff! In this episode I show off 2 of my faves, decapitator and devil lok.

They are both such wonderful tools. Potent and endlessly useful in equal measure.

Like Salt in cooking, they amp up the tasty.

Head over to Soundtoys if you know what’s good for you!

I’d also like to thank “a tasty pixel” for sponsoring the show.

They are makers of the unbelievably good LOOPY PRO.

Absolutely stunning software for anyone who really wants the last looper.

It is the most fully featured pure looper Ive ever used.

Beardyman uses it. If you were wondering if it were capable I think that’s all you need to know!

Interested in looping?

Let me save you some time.

All you need is LOOPY PRO

Click here for more info!